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Drink Bottle Car Cup Holder Expander | Willy and Bear


Support for your emotional support water bottle is here! Say goodbye to the days of your water bottle rolling all over your car – with Willy and Bear car cup holder expanders, it can now sit securely next to you in the car where it belongs.

Willy and Bear’s product has been designed, manufactured and produced in Australia using 100% recycled materials.  It has been created for convenience for everyday people using water bottles that do not fit in the standard car cup holder.

Willy and Bear was created specifically to fit the very popular brand Frank Green’s water bottles but has been trialled and tested with many large sized water bottles (750ml-1.5L).  We have also tried and tested Willy and Bear with the 1L MontiiCo bottle as well as the 1.1L Oasis bottle – both of which we stock in store and online.

If you’re like us and hate your water bottle rolling off of your passenger seat onto the floor, Willy and Bear is the perfect product for you.


Black, Candy, Grape, Lemon, Lime, Mint


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Drink Bottle Car Cup Holder Expander | Willy and Bear
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