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Cheese Slicer | Appetito


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Keep the Appetito Cheese Slicer to hand for perfectly uniform slices of cheese every time! Whether you’re
preparing a decadent cheese board or a simple sandwich, the Appetito Cheese Slicer helps you to effortlessly cut slices with complete consistency. Using durable stainless-steel wire, the slicer offers two thicknesses to suit your requirements. It glides through most hard cheeses like butter, while eliminating the danger of using sharp knives. In an assortment of bright colours, the Appetito Cheese Slicer is a fantastic addition to any home kitchen collection. For easier slicing and to prevent crumbling, allow the block of cheese to come to room temperature before slicing.

• Cut uniform slices of cheese with minimal effort
• Two thicknesses to suit your needs
• Designed for use with most hard cheese
• Ensure cheese is room temperature before cutting
• Durable stainless steel cutting wires
• Comes in an assortment of bright colours
• Must be washed by hand only

**Price is for single item.  Colour will be picked at random.


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Cheese Slicer | Appetito

Availability: In stock

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