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Bento Bundle | Little Lunchbox Co


The Little Lunch Box Co ultimate lunch box bento bundle is our absolute favourite bundle and best seller! And you get to choose whether your want the Bento Three or Bento Five!
The Bento Three is the perfect lunch box for children who prefer sandwiches, wraps or salads but still like some variety. The three large compartments give you plenty of options for lunchtime. You can even customise the Bento Three further with our handy Bento Accessories like Cups and Dividers to create more sections!

The Bento Five is perfect for children who prefer variety or kids that are fussy eaters that don’t like their food touching. Switch things up each day and create endless combinations of nutritious food in 5 bite-sized leakproof compartments! With no removable parts this is a great choice for Prep and Kindy kids.

The Bento Two is the perfect snack box for morning tea or snacks on the go. Lightweight and little enough for the smallest hands!  Munch & Crunch, Crunch & Sip, Brain Break, whatever your school calls it, the scheduled healthy snack break is made simple with our Bento Two. With a removable divider you can pack a wide variety of fruits and veggies to fuel their brain power!  The individually sealed, leakproof compartments in the Bento Two allow you to pack dry food next to wet food such as yoghurt and dip without the risk of spoiling. This makes it perfect for snacks like crackers & dip or granola & yoghurt!

Our discounted Bundle includes:
  • 1 x Little Lunch Box Co Bento Three or Five
  • 1 x Little Lunch Box Co Bento Two
  • 1 x matching dip and sauce box
  • 1 x matching Silicone Cup Mixed Pack


Choose your Bento bundle

Bento Three/Two – Blueberry, Bento Three/Two – Strawberry, Bento Three/Two – Grape, Bento Three/Two – Apple, Bento Five/Two – Blueberry, Bento Five/Two – Strawberry, Bento Five/Two – Grape, Bento Five/Two – Apple


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Bento Bundle | Little Lunchbox Co
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