Along Came a Baby | Milestone Cards


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Capture the important moments of your tiny human’s first year!

The Along Came a Baby Milestone Cards set consists of 35 baby Milestone Cards that help celebrate all those special times that happen throughout a babies first year.

From their first smile to their first steps and everything in between. The perfect new baby or baby shower gift.

Messages on the cards include:

  • We’re Expecting
  • My Growing Belly
  • Welcome Baby
  • One day old
  • One week today
  • Two weeks today
  • Three weeks today
  • One month today
  • Two months today
  • Three months today
  • Four months today
  • Five months today
  • Six months today
  • Seven months today
  • Eight months today
  • Nine months today
  • Ten months today
  • Eleven months today
  • One year old today.  Happy Birthday
  • My First Christmas
  • My First Easter
  • You are my Sunshine
  • The World is your Oyster
  • We made a wish and you came true
  • You’ll move mountains
  • I tried solids for the first time today
  • All dressed up
  • I had my first play date today
  • I took my first steps today
  • I stood up for the first time today
  • I sat up for the first time today
  • i started crawling today
  • I rolled over today
  • First time I slept through the night
  • My first chuckles
  • My first smiles
  • My first tooth
  • 4 x blank cards for own messages


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Along Came a Baby | Milestone Cards

Availability: In stock

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